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Jacobs, Julie
looking for jan Driscol, PE teacher 1886 at Chaffee HS.Can anyone help?

Jacobs, Keri (Ebright)

108 Claybrook Dr

Silver Springs, MD 20902

Class of 1978

TOD: 1974 - 1981


Jennings, Ken

Texarkana, TX

Class of 1988

Its easier to find me on  under the email  Anyone know whatever happened to Paul Bell?


Jensen, Darlene

216 Williams St

Brattleboro, VT 05301

Class of 1971

TOD: 1964 - 1969

Hi I would have been in the graduating class of 1971 but left the island in Dec 1969 - my junior year.  would love to reconnect others  Darlene.

Our family was NASA  was at Kindley High 65-69. Left in dec 69, my JR year.


Johnson, Anna

79 NW 92 ST

Miami, FL 33150

Dad (SSGT AQUINO)was stationed there from 01/90 to 05/92 with the Mariens Secuirty Force.  I went to Chaffee Elem, East End Primary, St. Georges Prep and Chaffee High.  I have two borthers, Angelo and Victor.  My dad and family were all active with the Hispanic Organization at NAS Bermuda


Jonas, Lisa (Tydings)

1155 Greenhill Rd
Arnold, MD 21012
Class of 1982


Jones, Alice (Cross)
324 Wiltshire Drive
Gray, TN 37615
Jones, Anthony
Jacksonville, FL
Class of 1994
TOD: 1991 - 1994
Wow!!! Lets get together and have some drinks...swizzle in and swizzle out!!
Jones, Carolyn
Jones, Curtis
Lexington, KY
Class of 1973
TOD: 1960 - 1973
Jones, David
West Chester, PA 19382
Left Bermuda in 1980 - would have graduated in 1985.  Ended up graduating in The Hague Holland. My younger sister was Jennifer.
Jones, Devin
7901 Prince Georges Dr
Ft Washington, MD 20774
Class of 1992
I am now married, have 2 kids, and we live happily just outside of Washington DC.
Jordan, Kevin
Harrisburg, PA 17109
attended RBC Elem. from 90-92.  Briefly attended the high school in 7th grade in the fall of 92.  Moved back to the states that year when my father retired.  5th grade teacher was Ms. Tittle and 6th grade was Mrs. Scribner.
Joseph, Shantae
Pensacola, FL
lass of 1989

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